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May 23, 2017 Tarpon Wins Approval of New Tower Site in Westerlo, NY

Tarpon Towers II's land use application for a new wireless communications site in Westerlo, NY was approved by the Westerlo Planning Board this evening.  The tower site, to include a 120' monopole tower, will be located along County Road 405 to strategically serve a large portion of the community with better service.  The approval of this site concludes a land use process that began in October 2016 including a lengthy application and evaluation process by the Westerlo local government.  "We are pleased to obtain approval of this site", stated Brett Buggeln, Chief Operating Officer, "with the help of The Murray Law Firm and the highly professional staff and board in Westerlo".  Tarpon intends to proceed to complete all approvals and move towards construction of the site later in 2017.