Management Team

Our management team is composed of seasoned professionals who know the tower business and wireless infrastructure of all types. Meet the individuals who have teamed together to bring years of experience to bear on the wireless business.

Executive Vice President of Operations John T. Armour

Prior to coming to Tarpon Towers, LLC, Mr. Armour held various executive management positions in the wireless industry.  His most recent experience was in the role of Vice President of Acquisitions and Operations at TriStar a privately held tower infrastructure company.  Mr. Armour held that position for nine (9) years guiding the company through its evolution to significant scale until its sale in December 2014.  Mr. Armour has a over twenty (20) years of experience in the wireless industry overseeing acquisitions and the development of communications sites including executive positions at Crown Castle, T-Mobile and General Dynamics.  Mr. Armour has a B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh.