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November 20, 2015 Tarpon Towers Completes Tower Site in Huntsville, AL

Tarpon Towers announces its completion of a new 150' monopole communications site in Huntsville, AL.  This site, AL1012, joins the extensive Tarpon Towers portfolio in the Southeast.  Tarpon and the Huntsville HS operations staff and consultants worked for over two (2) years to remove an existing, outdated 150' guyed tower on the high school grounds that was impeding future growth of the school's athletic and academic facilities as well as the operations center for the school board serving the district infrastructure buildings and grounds.  "Instead of continuing to contend with inefficient use of the limited school grounds", stated Brett Buggeln, Chief Operating Officer, "we were able to develop a multi-user facility that fit into the goals of the operations staff and high school as well as provide a more centralized location for the school security cameras to observe athletic events and daily school activities.  We were pleased to execute on this difficult project which could only be accomplished with the joint efforts of all involved."