Collocation Made Simple

Escape from the empty promises and superficial pledges and get on air with us without those meaningless taglines. Demonstrated delivery; get it with Tarpon Towers!

Learn more about our sites and getting on air – contact our Executive Vice President, John Armour.

Collocation Forms

Not a lot of forms and process, work with a team that responds to your questions and knows what's needed to get on air at a site. Dependable delivery - getting installed is the goal in mind so work with a team that takes it personally and makes process easy.


Tarpon Towers

1001 3rd Ave West, Suite 420
Bradenton, Florida 34205

Main: 941.757.5010
Fax: 941.757.5009

Have a Question?

We are always available to talk with you or email with you about our collocation process. Get in touch with us and get responses not forms to fill out and process to understand. You get information and next steps, not another person to deal with! That's doing it right, that’s the Tarpon commitment.

John Armour