Property Owners

Get in touch with us about a lump sum payment instead of monthly rent, a piece of property for a tower or an underutilized building rooftop.

Put that unused or underutilized asset to work for you for the long term by talking with a team that has more experience than any other in developing and marketing land and structures for use by wireless telecommunications companies. Or, have a ground lease for a tower site and need a lump sum payment? We know tower sites so talk to the experienced team.

For Landowners


Start here and work with a team that will tell you whether your property has potential. We will give you honest feedback and respond to your request. Don't get lost in bureaucracy, get answers!


For Rooftop Owners


Wondering about the rooftop of your building and whether it might be suitable for wireless communications? Don't wonder anymore, get answers by getting in touch with us. Contact us below!

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Pick up the telephone or send us an email message and get a response from us. That's doing it right, that's the Tarpon commitment.

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